FEEDBACK: On our first ever LDV sold ! ​

Way back to the start of this year we sold our very first LDV Vehicle to Nova Express Ltd. We got in touch with Nova recently to see how their LDV V80 Luton was performing on their fleet.

Nova Express Ltd are a UK logistics and distribution company based in West Midlands. The company has been trading since 1985 and has a reasonable size fleet. In January, Nova Express accepted delivery of an LDV V80 Luton. This was a big move for Nova Express as a company due to their fleet mainly made up of vehicles from other manufacturers which they have relied upon for many years.Nova Express require their fleet to be reliable and fuel efficient, as their vehicles travel across UK and Europe transporting goods. Payload is also an important factor when it comes to selecting a vehicle the LDV V80 Luton boasts a payload of around 1125kg* this is one of the many advantages of this vehicle.

When we spoke to John Richardson - Managing director he informed us that since 23rd of January the vehicle has covered 30,000 miles with not one fault! John also added that he will be expanding his LDV fleet in the next few months.

Are you thinking of expanding your fleet or maybe you need to renew your vehicle ? Why not consider anLDV, get in touch with our team to arrange a test drive